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Software Engineering


The ability to maintain a database or have software do its job with the least amount of human intervention. This is one of the highest priorities given when DBC designs a software application. Whenever software can be intuitive and do the work for you, it should. Simple things, like: Why should you be prompted for the state if you have already entered a zip code? Software should be smart enough to figure out the obvious for you. If the year is omitted when entering a date, wouldn’t it be nice if the software assumed you meant the current year? These are just a few simple examples of what intuitive software does and how it makes your life easier. A few keystrokes saved here and there add up in today’s fast-paced world of mass electronic business.

Our approach to software design is quite a bit different from most tech firms. One of our major advantages is that we use tools that truly support open systems which allow us to think way outside the box. Clients regularly approach us with a software wish or “pipe-dream” that would make their lives easier, and there has not been one time we have not been able to deliver. We enjoy the challenge of stretching our abilities and with every project we learn new engineering techniques, which add to our knowledge base, benefiting all of our clients.

We become team members with our clients, working side-by-side to develop user-friendly software designed by the users themselves. We consult with our clients to assist them with their software needs. We are software people who are experts in our own field but don’t necessarily know much about our clients’ businesses. This is why we rely heavily on input from our clients as to how the front-end of the software should look, feel, and flow. Working closely with the potential users allows us to provide software that can be implemented with very little change to existing internal procedures. We don’t require your business to change to fit our software. We create software that fit your business.

Service Benefits

Our customers are the experts - We acknowledge that our customers know their business far better than we do, so their input is important to the software design

Use the right tool for the job - DBC is not "married" to any operating system or hardware platform; we will use whatever technology will work best for the job.

Working in trenches From the top down every DBC principal and employee is involved with the day-to-day operations of the company. Everyone is available to answer questions and support the customer.