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Company Profile

Digital Business Controls started in 1999 when it was formally known as Dialmark. At that time, Dialmark created the first fully integrated glass management software system designed for medium-to-large auto and flat glass companies to generate leads from Dialers and call centers; this product was formally called Chameleonware.

In 2004, Dialmark changed its name to Digital Business Controls along with the partnership of the IBM DB2 Universe team in order to better utilize the company’s expertise in any industry with the need for technical solutions and database management for any businesses needs.

We expanded the Chameleonware product from just a Point of Sale Systems to include a Warehouse management System, Inventory Control System, Payroll integration System, Time Clock System and even a Website Ordering and Lead Generation System that allows you to open up your market to the online world and sell your products on your own or with any other online retailer.

In 2006 we expanded our services to better serve the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) industry with direct insurance billing included with our Point of Sale Product; this allowed our customers to bill out to any insurance company easily and effectively. Our EDI system tracks the transmission from start to finish and shows rejections almost immediately after the insurance company acknowledges the transmission.

In 2012 we expanded our market to include the Health Care industry and started managing EHR records specifically for the Mental Health industry. As well as becoming an EDI Provider in-house for a few major insurance companies, we built and host the API used by other trading partners to send and receive EDI through our systems.

In 2013 we expanded our opportunities to Web and Mobile applications, We developed and launched a complimentary applications to our Chameleonware product that allows the end user to have the customer sign a tablet and review documents that are tied directly to the transaction in the Point of Sale and customer relations System. We also developed an app that allows our customers to dispatch mobile employees to job sites and track their progress using the GPS information on their device.

In 2014 we began designing custom applications for the Health Care industry, Entertainment industry, automotive industry, Mortgage Industry and Insurance Industry. Our team of developers and engineers have the expertise to tackle any problem that you might have in managing data efficiently and effectively as well as pairing it with hardware automation. We expanded our hosting services to a new datacenter that has worldwide fail-over availability and load balancing across multiple datacenter sites. Each facility is secured with biometrics scanning access control and staffed 24/7.